Your baby is learning and exploring so much these days that almost anything you do together is fun! Here are some great ways that you can play together:

  • Have a Chat

    Babies start to babble around this time. They’re great listeners, and they’re beginning to be able to mimic what they hear. Try using those sounds and repeating similar sounding words.  This will help babies develop language skills.

  • Reach for It

    Your baby can hold rattles or reach up for toys. But be careful. Any toy or thing that can fit in a toilet paper roll is too small for your baby to play with.

  • Try Tummy Time

    Lay baby on a play mat or soft surface, face down, and let her lift her neck and push with her arms. Get down on the floor to her level and hold up a mirror or a toy in front of baby to get her interest. Then place it off to the side so she wants to roll over.

  • Play Peek-a-Boo

    Hide your face behind a blanket or towel. Then show your face quickly so your baby knows you are still there. After you do this a few times, your baby will find it funny. Also, baby will learn that you are still there even though he or she cannot see you at times.