As your baby’s body and brain develop, he or she will be more active – and you need to keep up to stay safe. Here are five important things to keep in mind, according to the non-profit organization, Safe Kids Worldwide:

  • Keep toys, blankets, sheets, pillows or any other object out of baby’s crib.
  • Use a rear-facing car seat whenever you drive anywhere. Never place baby in a car seat with a coat on.  Take the coat off, buckle baby into the car seat, then place the coat over baby’s tummy and legs.
  • Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide and smoke detector on each floor of your home.
  • Put carbon monoxide and smoke detectors near where people sleep.
  • Steer baby clear of windows and blinds, and hide any strings or cords out of reach.
  • Keep your baby away from anything hot to avoid burns. Set your hot water heater to 120°. Keep hot coffee, tea and soup away from baby.