Babies get lots of vaccines to protect them from diseases that could make them very sick. It is very important that your baby gets all of his/her vaccines to stay healthy. When you take your baby to the provider, the provider or nurse will give your baby the shots he/she needs.

What to Expect When Your Baby Gets a Shot

Baby may get 1-5 injections depending on baby’s age and which combination vaccines are available. The nurse will usually ask you to hold baby’s arms above their head while the nurse holds baby’s legs with his/her body.  This is done to ensure the shots are given in the right spot and decreases the chances of baby moving and getting hurt by the needle.  Take this opportunity to put your face close to baby and use a soothing voice to tell baby how much you love him/her and “it will be ok, you’re alright, mommy’s here.”  You baby will cry for a few minutes, this is very normal. Once the nurse is done putting the bandages on, pick baby up and give baby lots of love, cuddles, and security.

There may be some bleeding, bruising and redness at the injection site.  Your baby may be fussy the rest of the day.  Do not give Tylenol unless the provider tells you to do so.

Some babies have a worse reaction. If your baby has a high fever, redness or swelling near the shot area, cries for more than 4 hours, or other behavior changes, call your provider right away.