WIC is a great resource for women, infants, and children

  • WIC is a plan that is for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, women who have given birth in the last six months, and young kids.
  • WIC can help you get healthy food. It can also teach you how to be healthy and give you info about other services that may help you.
  • In order to get WIC, you must prove you live in the state where you apply. You must also meet certain rules about how much money you make and be shown to be at risk of having a poor diet.
  • WIC can give infant cereal, adult cereal, fruit and veggie juices, eggs, beans, baby food, baby formula, and other foods.
  • WIC helps millions of women and children every year. It has been shown to help mothers and children be healthy.

Interested in Applying for WIC?

If you are interested in WIC, call 1-800-942-1171 or click below for a list of WIC Clinics.