Car Safety Seats

Make sure the rear-facing, infant car seat you bought is approved and properly installed into your car. Buckle your baby in by fastening the five-point harness. As your baby grows, make sure you compare his/her weight against the weight limit of the infant car seat. Once your baby has reached the maximum weight or height limit on the car seat, you must get one for an older baby so he/she remains safe. The backseat is the safest place for your baby when riding in the car. Never put your baby’s car seat on the passenger side, front seat of your car.



Never leave your baby alone in the tub or any other water no matter how shallow it is and never take your eyes off baby, even for a minute. Even with using a baby bath seat, your baby should always be within arm’s reach of you while giving your baby a bath. Remember to do this anytime your baby is in or near water.


Never leave your baby alone in high places like his/her changing table, counter tops or near stairs. If your baby does fall and he/she is acting abnormal, call your provider right away.


Never smoke, drink, or carry anything hot while holding or near your baby. For bath time, make sure the water temperature is no greater than 120°F. Dip your wrist in the water first. The water should not feel too hot or too cold to this sensitive skin.


Never give your baby anything that is small enough to fit in his/her mouth. For food, make sure anything given to your baby is mashed and soft enough for his or her to easily swallow. Avoid hot dogs, whole grapes and other foods that could get stuck in a baby’s throat.

Source: Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 6th Edition: Birth to Age 5 (American Academy of Pediatrics)